L’histoire de Mimi Cri

Porcelain Jewellery Collection „L’histoire de Mimi Cri“


After creating initially a series of rings for the L’Histoire de Mimi Cri collection, Isabella Pikart, designer of vaporetta berlin, enlarged the collection with further models.


Like a golden thread runs through all new jewellery pieces as well need for experimentation with form („O desejo da forma“), surface feel, glaze, chromatizity and contrasts reach new combinations and interpretations of materials gold and porcelain. The squares, which already are the basic geometric form of the rings (in the first part of the collection), now find themselves in new arrangements such as floral forms „Fleur“, or the square or cube in a variable play of lines, surfaces or cubes alone or relative on to the other.

Photographs: Julia Krüger, Reprint allowed

Earring | pendant
(limited to 64 pairs | pieces | numbered by hand)

L'histoire de Mimi Cri | Porcelain Jewellery collection
(limited to 64 pairs | numbered by hand)

azulejo earring

Modular pendant system
Cubo 8 | Cubo 12 | Cubo 18

(each cubo limited to 120 pieces)


Rings | Porcelain | Gold

The three models, Pool Blue (azure blue), Bicho (black blue) and Ouro Branco (snow-white and partially gold-plated) are each limited to 32 pieces and numbered by hand.

Manufacturing: Kaja Witt
Photographs: Julia Krüger, Reprint allowed

L'Histoire de Mimi Cri


Pool Blue