vaporetta berlin | Press information, June 2016

Contrasts and vibrations, black and white materiality, new geometric shapes meeting in form of waves characterize the new collection „TROPICO“ of vaporetta berlin, a reference to beach life at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, to the summer and peaceful summer days at the beach, as well to movement of Tropicalia, which came into existence in the early 60s in Brazil.…


vaporetta berlin | Press information, July 2014

Porcelain Jewellery Collection

The light of the southern sun. In her new collection, Isabella Pikart, designer of vaporetta berlin, deals with the topic light. The new jewellery pieces playing with the perception of an intense color – neon pink in the „Cor-de-Rosa“ edition – combined with the snow white of Mont Blanc porcelain. The titles of the limited collection pieces „Purpurina“, „Moon over Rio“, „Lua“ and „Confetti“ also stand for colorful, intense and southern color combinations.

Vaporetta berlin presents its „Cor-de-Rosa“ edition of the new SOL collection for the first time at COLLECT Showroom for Contemporary Fashion (Dissonance Area at Premium Fashion), 8-10th July 2014 during Berlin Fashion Week.

Manufacturing: Uta Koloczek

Product Photographs: Julia Krüger, 2014, reprint allowed

The image shooting of the collection has been realized in cooperation with São Paulo based photographer Kate Riedlsperger on the Brazilian south-eastern litoral near the town of Paraty.

Photographs Brasil 2014: Photographer: Kate Riedlsperger, Model: Francieli Costa, Styling: Adriana Barbosa, Make Up: Sabrina Veloso Mormilho Alves, reprint allowed.

Press text German (PDF)

Press text English (PDF)

Catalogue (PDF)

Product Photographs: Print (300 dpi) | Online (72 dpi)
All Photographs: Julia Krüger, Reprint allowed

Photographs Brasil 2014: Print (300 dpi) | Online (72 dpi)
All Photographs: Kate Riedlsperger, Reprint allowed

L’histoire de Mimi Cri

vaporetta berlin | Press information, December 2012

Porcelain Jewellery Collection
2013 | Fleur | Azulejo | Cubo | Alvorada

After creating initially a series of rings for the L’Histoire de Mimi Cri collection, Isabella Pikart, designer of vaporetta berlin, now enlarged the collection with further models. Like a golden thread runs through all new jewellery pieces as well need for experimentation with form, surface feel, glaze, chromatizity and contrasts (O Desejo da forma) to reach new combinations and interpretations of materials gold and porcelain. The squares, which already are the basic geometric form of the rings (in the first part of the collection), now find themselves in new arrangements such as floral forms „Fleur“, or the square or cube in a variable play of lines, surfaces or cubes alone or relative on to the other.

The outcome of this are earrings and a modular pendant system for the first time, which will be available from 2013 (as a limited edition, numbered by hand).

Available from March 2013 at Froschhammer & Rosenvogel Berlin
or via vaporetta berlin (Contact:

L’histoire de Mimi Cri

Porcelain jewellery Collection
2013 | Fleur | Azulejo | Cubo | Alvorada

Press text German (PDF)

Press text English (PDF)

Catalogue (PDF)

Product Photographs: Print (300 dpi) | Online (72 dpi)
All Photographs: Julia Krüger, Reprint allowed

Photographs Brasil 2014: Print (300 dpi) | Online (72 dpi)
All Photographs: Kate Riedlsperger , Reprint allowed


One Day in August
ASIAN FUSION, NYC #1 Asian Lifestyle Magazine, Autumn 2016 Issue,
Photography: Christina Hasenauer


BERLINA PFLANZE und vaporetta berlin : Pop-up Store im Bikini Berlin 2016/03


Vitrified Voices (Berlin)
Splendor Magazine 2016/02

Photography: Christina Hasenauer
Model: Lido Nsamba


Neue Schmuckkollektion von “Vaporetta” – Jewellery
Read the Trieb Magazine, 2015/03

(…) Die Schlichtheit der Linien wird von der Intensität der Farben beendet. Neben den Ohrsteckern ist die „Confetti“-Kette mein absoluter Favorit (…)


„First Fruit“ KWANZAA Holiday
Superior Magazine, 2014/12

(…) Kwanzaa is a African-American Pan-African cultural holiday that is centered around seven principles. The celebration is from the 26th of December – 1st of January. Each of the seven days honors a different principles. It is not a replacement for X-mas it is dedicated to the African-Americans civil rights movement. (…) Kwanzaa means „first fruitt“ in the Swahili language. (…)


Das Licht der südlichen Sonne!
Read the Trieb Magazine, 2014/12

In ihrer neuen Kollektion widmet sich Isabella Pikart, Designerin hinter vaporetta berlin, dem Thema Licht (…)

In the Arms of Living Roots
ASIAN FUSION, NYC #1 Asian Lifestyle Magazine, Autumn 2014 Issue,
Photography: Dominic Packulat



Photography: Dunja Antic, Styling: Catharina Gerekos, Model: Leaf at Izaio Models,
Hair & Make Up: Yvonne Wengler


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Magazine, N°18, 2014/07

Zum neunten Mal findet der von Arne Eberlepress+sales organisierte COLLECT – SHOWROOM
FOR CONTEMPORARY FASHION statt und präsentiert wie gewohnt eine facettenreiche Auswahl
herausragender deutscher Designer. (…)


Her name is Calla..
ASIAN FUSION, NYC #1 Asian Lifestyle Magazine, Spring 2014 Issue,
2014 Spring Issue: Art & Design
Photography: Dominic Packulat


Gold Special: Old Myths New Contents
Art Aurea Magazine, 2014


Maketank Blog: Seven creations to show you’re still in style

Feel unique and special wearing the Azulejo earrings, delicate as porcelain and elegant as their gold surface. Buy a pair here, to add that contemporary touch to any outfit. These are limited and numbered pieces handcrafted in Berlin (…)


Pianeta Donna: Regali per San Valentino 2014

Tante idee regalo per San Valentino 2014. Le idee regalo per la festa degli innamorati 2014:
Ring Ouro Branco Vaporetta Berlin(…)


„L’histoire de Mimi Cri“ – vaporetta Berlin
British Vogue, 2013/11

(…) Inspired by the Brazilian Neoconcretismo and its “Desejo da Forma” she combines form, surface feel, glaze and contrast to find new combinations and interpretations of the materials gold and porcelain.


Maketank Blog: Make every product a gift with package design

Vaporetta Berlin ships her porcelain jewelry in standard round or square cardboard jewelry boxes, made precious with a sumptuous chocolate brown fabric lining and black ribbons. She also has designed a coordinated shopping bag and other marketing materials. (…)

Maketank Blog: I’m dreaming of a White Christmas of design

Looking for an elegant pair of numerated earrings to make you look not only sophisticated but in the holiday spirit? Well, the Azulejo earrings are just the thing for you! Made of porcelain with a real gold surface (…)

INEDITO by BIRIK BUTIK #5 Issue September 2013

(…) Enhanced by the styling, which gives the continuative background, jewellery plays the key role in every shot. Different styles and techniques by designers like Laura Volpi, Opella, Marlene Beyer, Ifat, Vaporetta Berlin & Clothilde Flaneur mold into a unique, „aetherius“ feel.


StylesYouLove Magazin: Träume aus Porzellan – Schmuck von Vaporetta Berlin
Accessoires, Labels, Brands & Designers

(…) Zum absoluten Hingucker avancieren die Schmuckstücke immer dann, wenn originelle Formen und außergewöhnliche Materialien aufeinander treffen. Gerade so wie bei dem innovativen Schmucklabel Vaporetta Berlin.

MYP Magazine: Eine Reise in den Süden – „L‘Histoire de Mimi Cri“

São Paulo, 23.8.2012: Ein paar Steine auf der Straße, Sand der aus Meiner Tasche rieselt, das Blau der Kacheln eines Schwimmbads. Erinnerungen an einen Sommertag, ein flüchtiger Moment, der ein Gefühl lässt, das bleibt. Es klopft ein paar Jahre später an und ist wieder da. So wird aus einem Kieselstein, einer Welle, einem Sandkorn eine Zeichnung, ein Bild, eine Skulptur. Meine Skulpturen wurden kleiner und tragbarer. Sie wurden zu Schmuck, den wir an uns tragen können. Kleine Kreaturen, Lebewesen, ihre Namen sind „Ouro Branco“, „Pool Blue“ und „Bicho“.


Velvet Dust Magazine

Her blue ring is entitled “Pool Blue & Piscina Tropical”, after an abandoned pool from the 1960s in Havana. “Bicho & Urban Jungle” is the name for her black ring; “bicho” means beast in Portuguese, and the urban jungle represents São Paulo. Finally her white ring is named “Ouro Branco & Cité Radieuse” after the rooftop of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse building in Marseille. “Ouro branco” in Portuguese means white gold, a synonym for porcelain(…)


SUPERIOR EDITION #2 – The Calm, Cool & Collected

SUPERIOR EDITION #2 – The exclusive print issue by SUPERIOR Magazine
The second SUPERIOR print magazine comes with a refined visual approach, e.g. with a new typeface exclusively for this issue and with 150 pages full of exciting fashion & art (…)


Maketank Blog: Vaporetta – city and nature in a unique jewel

The name of Isabella’s design label, Vaporetta Berlin, already hints at some of her inspirations. Vaporetta is the tug-like boat used as public transportation in Venice: “I went to Venice for Easter and stayed with a couple of friends. We went on boat to the Lido and there was a beautiful Italian lady conducting this boat. Anyway, we named her ‘Signorina Vaporetta,’ and this stuck with me; when I started my own label, I used this name as a synonym for ‘lifestyle’. (…)

Stadt.Land.Flux.: Die Showroom Days auf der Berlin Fashion Week
Flux FM, 2013/01/14

Modefreunde, rastet aus! Vom 15. bis 20. Januar findet in Berlin wieder die alljährliche Berlin Fashion Week statt – und in den ersten fünf Tagen davon geben sich auch die Showroom Days mal wieder die Ehre. (…) Es gibt jeden Tag was Tolles zu gewinnen: Heute haben wir einen extravaganten Ring für euch im Angebot. Der Porzellan-Ring OURO BRANCO (weiß und partiell vergoldet) aus der L’Histoire de Mimi Cri-Kollektion von vaporetta berlin.(…)

FLuxFM: Stadt Land Flux


Selection Berlin Fashion Week: vaporetta berlin
Superior Magazine, 2013/01

Like a golden thread runs through all new jewellery pieces as well need for experimentation with form, surface feel, glaze, chromatizity and contrasts (O Desejo da forma) to reach new combinations and interpretations of materials gold and porcelain. . (…)

Froschhammer & Rosenvogel – Schmuck und Schmuckobjekte
Wunschreich Blog, 2012/09

Froschhammer & Rosenvogel meets vaporetta berlin
Rückblick Berlin Fashionweek, 2012/07

Joias de porcelana de Isabella Pikart ganham exposição em SP
Vogue Brasil, 2012/07

A designer alemã Isabella Pikart escolheu um material diferente para criar uma nova coleção de joias: porcelana. Inspirada pelo movimento do Neoconcretismo brasileiro dos anos 50, (…)


Mimicry in Porcelain
Superior Magazine, 2012/07

Porcelain as material always fascinated Isabella Pikart as one of the oldest materials used by mankind: not long ago it was precious as gold and therefore also was named „white gold“ „ouro branco“ in portuguese“. (…)

Labels to Watch
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Magazine, N°13, 2012/01

Ouro Branco”, a snow-white ring with delicate gold ornaments. “As a material, porcelain
feels pleasant and organic to the skin, and its form caressingly fits around
the finger,” the designer says. (…)


Regalme un anello
Cosebelle, 2012/01

Sembra proprio che il destino voglia invogliarmi all’anello di questi tempi. Dopo la felice scoperta di Saskia Diez, mi sono imbattuta di nuovo in un brand di gioielli davvero particolare. Si chiamaVaporetta e già la bizzarra storia del nome è di per sé affascinante. Nasce infatti da una vacanza a Venezia e da una barcaiola un po’ particolare, ribatezzata dalla designer Isabella Pikart e dai suoi amici, appunto, Vaporetta.(…)

Berlin Fashion Week: Edged Showroom
Les Mads Blog, 2012/01

(…) Labels wie Glaw, Juliazar, Vaporetta oder Fabric Divison gibt es noch bis zum 20. Januar im Edged Showroom in der Brunnenstraße 170.

Jungdesigner entedecken – im Edged Showroom
CEE CEE Newsletter, 2012/01

(…) Noch bis morgen präsentieren junge Designer aus Deutschland, Polen und Österreich hier ihre Kollektionen. Mit dabei sind Vaporetta aus Berlin oder Maldoror Low Couture aus Polen.

Avantgardistische und kreative Mode in Berlin
Styleranking Blog, 2012/01

Avantgardisten und Freunde des ausgefallenen Geschmacks – The Edged-Showroom präsentiert dieses Jahr in einer angesagten Location 20 progressive Designer. Nichts für Kunstbanausen, denn kreative Köpfe rücken in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehen und präsentieren Kunst und Mode von einer ganz anderen Seite (…)

In Focus
Art Aurea, 2011/11

The combination and reinterpretation of South American and European lifestyles is one of Isabella Pikart’s themes. Her sources of inspiration include Brazilian Neoconcretismo, characterized by a “longing for form”. The new “L’Histoire de Mimi Cri” ring collection of Pikart’s “vaporetta berlin” design label (…)


Stylisch für alle, 2011/07

Style-Events ohne Einladung
Hier kommen Sie rein, ohne auf der Gästeliste zu stehen (…)